Skincare or skin-harm?


To right some wrongs and dispel some myths, I’m going to give you a brief guide about what your skincare routine should entail, soย here’s to a well-informed and reformed skincare routine…

The 1, 2, 3+ process of skincare is insufficient, as is it generic and lacks substance, literally. Absorption is key, even if minimal at best.

In eradicating this, and thus revolutionising it, we must remove the mantra that skincare routines combine this 1, 2, 3+ list-like process, and introduce something that is enduring, compromising and redeeming.

Skin has layers


Our skin is almost like a hierarchical structure.

To tame its fabric and form, we need to understand it, that is, before we start applying products on it. Hydration is key here.

Yes, we can hydrate our skin by drinking water, but we must take it in our hands to ensure we lock water into the skin. This can be done by i) washing your face with warm water and ii) keeping your face damp enough to absorb the moisturiser.

This rendition is just the basic, the part where you have a secure base for whatever skincare you are about to apply after this essential performance.


Skincare is all about trial and error, making it a personal journey of yours, not an impersonal commandment directed by pseudo-dermatologists online. It is a special moment and mediation, not a chore.

Cleanse; a cleansingย 

In cleaning the skin, we are aiming to get rid of its dirt and bacteria, not strip it from its natural oils or even destroy its barrier. So to avoid this, a delicate approach of placing a warm cloth on the face to prep the skin for the incoming cleansing motion, is sensible. That prepped, an oil-based cleansing product is best suited for this, if anything.

  • Avoid foaming cleansers.
  • Avoid cleansers with harsh chemicals, or any amount of chemicals for that matter.




Leaving your skin damp is probably one of the best things you can do to prevent rough drying.ย ย The purpose of leaving the skin damp isย to enable the securing of moisture to follow.



Not only should your moisturiser, moisturise your skin, but it should be compact with many nutrients. This means you can add several vitamins to your daily moisturiser – such as Vitamin A and C, rather than have it in separate bottles and elongating the routine. You can also add your serums and so forth. And don’t forget SPF!ย 

Outside your daily routine, you should consider ‘pamper’ days wherein which you really take care of your skin, such as through chemical peels and masks.

๐Ÿ’ง(*This is a simple guide to a minimalist skincare approach, if you wish for an elaborate and detailed routine, comment below. Thank you.)๐Ÿ’ง







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