The impressions of a modern day woman




Choice, chance and possibilities.

Being a modern day woman is about having a choice, not being coerced into one-way and limiting dis-opportunities. This choice – “an act of choosing between two or more possibilities,” – can be epitomised by clothes, career and religion.Β  That rather than waiting for time to do its thing per se, these possibilities should be taken as chances. To give way, and create one’s own possibilities.

A modern day woman should not feel coerced by her era or timed by it. She should relate to present and past times; to be in touch with her history so that she can tell her story, presently. She must decide how she wears her clothes, career and religion so that it does not enclose, but enliven and loosen her – showing cleavage or split to her archival, ‘woman in the attic’ self.

There is a fine line between being limitless and limited as it is with choice or chance. Her choice to remain in the confines of modernity and launch an Instagram page, and take the chance to grow from it – that is, create a brand, career or influence – is harnessed in growing modern practices, particularly technology. Woman that engineer technologies, pave way for women alike. These growing possibilities produce aΒ dynamic, but limitless narrative.

It is so, that the modern-day woman is not on a pedestal, but gears her own platform either through likes or techno-tools.


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